Welcome to the Wedding of Jenny and Jack Harkness// |OPEN| ~AU/ Multiiverse~

Spring sunshine settled over the wedding grounds, pink blossom trees with black bark surrounded the area and a peaceful diamond waterfall fell in the background of it all. Gold vine arches sat in front of hundreds of silver chairs with seats taken by those loved by the soon to be Harkness’. A gold aisle split the seats from each other. There were no grooms side or brides, for there was no reason to split by a side. Doves floated the air. As the music began. The service was starting. Down walked the aisle were the brides maids and groomsmen, taking their places in formal manner to the arches where Captain Jack Harkness stood, formal dress attire, smiling with delight.

Guests stood as the music changed to violins playing the wedding March that was accompanied by a couple harps. And that’s where Jenny stood, a bouquet of red and purple roses that were decorated with sparkling few drops. Jenny felt her two hears race as every looked at her. This was the moment. It was her wedding. She walked down the aisle, arms linked with her father. She smiled at every face she passed making way to her soon to be husband. The Wedding has begun.

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    "Jenny, I’m sure he won’t. He has you. If I was him, I would give it up just for you." Rory tried to assure his sister...
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    Jen smiled softly. “Another Time Lord to the family… wow…”
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    "Well that’s… unexpected?"
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    Rache stood in the back, in the shadows as she watched her cousin get ready to walk down the isle. There was so many...
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    River waved back and smiled at Jenny with a wink, her glance flickering between her and Jack. As far as approval went,...